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Understanding Murder

There is an increasing need for me to create as if the end is near. There is an increasing need to transform materials from one thing to another. There is no reason that we know of for this. There is no reason to know. All we know is that we do not know. Nothing continues to grow. Puppet flesh increases and creases the landscape with greasy fingers red.
Now you’re dead.

ON this day in 2005 e.v.

2:30pm I was stading outsdie on the porch here at work with my co worker- Both of us noticed it was very quiet- just a cricket or two- I stated that there were no birds out- no sounds and no birds- maybe a storm was coming- I stated if you do this- and I made swishing noises- a kind of whispering continous- "then the birds will come"-
quiet- then i started this sound of WHUSHWHUSHWHSUH whispering loudly really- then I stopped- then out fromt he bushes came a Cardinal and it was chirping up a storm- followed by the male- then another bird- all began very noisily chirping. Cool.
my co worker mark said "Joe just made birds appear"
I said "its because Im magickal yeah"