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Good things go bad when they are displaced against their will.
Good things get VERY BAD if there are too few or too many of them.
Good things get VERY VERY BAD if they can not relate to each other “properly”
( and their degree of association is weakened)

Just by being born we are displaced


Don't agree with...

...the being born we are displaced part.

I always thought the axiom was we choose our parents.

If that be the case, then how could we be displaced by being born.

I suppose if you take the perspective that in theory or ideal that none of us are actually supposed to be born and that the alleged ultimate path of life is to basically rejoin the dead or non-flesh living, then I guess you could conclude that birth displaces one.

However, I don't subscribe to the whole death is better than life motif, even when I feel depressed or rather down about life. Oh well, to each his own.

Re: Don't agree with...

displaced from the one into the two- not that it's a BAD EVIL thing- its a necessary thing for ourselves to simply be.


Re: Don't agree with...

...displaced from the Nothing into the Something. It's as irrevocable as thermodynamics: more, it's the means by which Universe postpones total entropy. Existence is a loss of perfection; the re-attainment of that perfection is the concert and chorus of being.

We are HERE TO GO!

Re: Don't agree with...

What the fuck did he say up there?

What the fuck I said up there...

I seem to have written an entire essay in answer to your question. It didn't fit here.

Read it here: